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Years in development, our engineers have designed the definitive Servo controlled labelling head.  Everything they and their Clients could think of over years and years of Labeling history has been incorporated!!


Incredibly this head is capable of dispensing up to 160 meters per minute.  OK so what does this mean?  At 6’ 5” tall, Steve said “wow…. this is dispensing way over my height in a second!”


What does that mean to the end user…..Dispensing at over 5000 labels /minute, or accuracy to 1/3 of a millimeter, handling of large in feed reels and continuous repeatability.


But the power of the Head is not the only story here.  In the redesign our engineers incorporated just about everything you might need into the control system located right inside the head.  No External control box!!


There are several models to choose from, but it is all built in at the outset enabling a customer to upgrade at his leisure.  

  • Some of the features include
    • No bulky control box or heavy interconnecting leads
    • Compact design
    • Servo control designed perfectly for label applications
      • with appropriate rampups and rampdowns
    • Built in Encoder follower circuits to precisely follow a Conveyor or Rotary turret drives
    • Variable speeds and adjustable Gear ratios
    • Start delays, stop delays, missing label advances, shift registers
    • Inductive label sensor that can mount right on the dispense blade for more exact dispense
      • handles even Mylar labels
      • No need to play with photo electrics which can dust up
    • Optional moving dispensing beak to ensure that difficult labels are precisely dispensed
    • Hook ups for Printers, barcode readers, print engines


  • A Myriad of bolt on standard options are available to handle the most demanding challenges


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